Find helpful materials to help you and your Elevate Group know God more and grow in your relationship with Him!

Introducing the Elevate Materials

Elevate Materials are available and transferable Christ-centered materials developed to help you know God more and grow in your relationship with Him!

Book 1: ONE BY ONE (Elevate Edition)

Discover the basics of what and who you believe in!

Book 2: SPIRITUAL DISCIPLINES (Elevate Edition)

Learn practical steps to grow more in your relationship with Christ!

Book 3: HOLY SPIRIT (Elevate Edition)

Realize the amazing power and fruit of the Holy Spirit–making the impossible POSSIBLE!

Book 4: CCF DNA (Elevate Edition)

Learn the reasons behind our priorities as a church – our mission, vision, core values, and strategies.

Leadership Training

Develop your leadership skills and learn how to be effective in campus ministry through these resources!

Campus Mover Coaching Material

This material is designed to help you train your students in the campus in area of evangelism, facilitation, discipleship, and campus movement.

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